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What is enVoy?

The enVoy team has spent over three years behind the scenes deeply immersed in the trade and supply chain finance sector, engaging with industry experts and users to develop the enVoy framework and create a targeted solution for industry pain points. These discussions have brought to light the need  for three integral core components:

- A supply chain finance marketplace 

- A cross-border payment system 

- All of this sitting on blockchain/DLT rails 

The enVoy solution has embraced this and is composed of two main components, each of which are built on  blockchain rails: enVoy’s Supply Chain Finance Marketplace and Cross-Border Payment Gateway. 

What is the enVoy DeFi Mission?
enVoy DeFi will democratise the financing process by allowing individuals to stake their VOY tokens within the DeFi pool, providing liquidity to enVoy’s dedicated manager who  makes independent financing decisions for contracts on the SCF Marketplace. Users who stake tokens will then be able to  earn tokens in return. Staking tokens on the enVoy DeFi  platform is easy and does not require any specialized  financial knowledge. Users  can stake and withdraw their earned tokens at will. Staking on enVoy DeFi simply provides liquidity and  is not a direct investment into any SCF contracts. Instead, it provides the user a with steady percentage of tokens in return for extending their liquidity to  the dedicated fund manager.

What is the VOY token?

The VOY token sits at the heart of [[site)name]]’s efficiency. It is designed  to be a utility token native to the Corda blockchain and  is a core component of the enVoy funding revolution This token permeates the majority of the behind-the-scenes functionality within the ecosystem and is used as both a method of value transfer and data management / retrieval system. VOY allows trade to move faster and more efficiently than ever before.

What can I do with my VOY tokens?

In addition to being accepted in settlement for various enVoy and third-party services, VOY holders can benefit from the use of their tokens in the supply chain finance ecosystem through a staking program. The VOY staking program allows token holders to make their tokens available to the ecosystem as a means of providing liquidity for supply chain transactions.


What are the VOY tokenomics?

The VOY token economy has a fixed token supply of VOY 500,000,000. Of those, 10% (VOY 50,000,000)  will be immediately available for sale on exchanges and for marketing promotions and competitions. The enVoy platform will keep VOY 450,000,000 in reserve to support demand following future expansion.

It should be noted that where the enVoy Teleport Bridge is used to move tokens to foreign chains, the overall token supply does not change; VOY tokens on all platforms are fungible.

How does enVoy provide data integrity and transparency to its users?

enVoy performs both continuous Data Improvement checks and the standardisation of data entered into the platform to provide that rarity: accurate, complete, consistent and reliable, near real-time data. Each data provider connects directly to the platform and is directly accountable for their data. Incoming data checks follow validation rules  to ensure immediate flagging of any issues.  Adherence to standards is required. A monitoring feedback loop pro-actively detects and reports potential data issues, giving ongoing data improvement. Parties are able to report issues with data received from other parties. Errors etc reported are immediately referred to the data provider for correction in real-time.


Why enVoy Green?


enVoy enables an end-to-end, transparent and sustainable, trade and payment flow throughout the supply chain product lifecycle both to obtain ESG credentials and offset as a carbon negative company by encouraging the use of  sustainable raw materials and low carbon footprint logistics:

Our Core Guiding Principles: Care and respect for the Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG);

Our Green Carbon Monitoring: Suppliers, agritech, farms, and factories;

Our Blue Carbon Monitoring: Low carbon shipping vessels;

Our ESG Certification: ESG monitoring at onboarding and carbon offset credentials.


What is the Due Diligence process for on-boarding enVoy users?


If you wish to register on, all we need is a valid email address. If you then wish to join as a user of the enVoy payment system and SCF Marketplace, you must first pass through the enVoy Due Diligence module. Here, all potential users are referred to the Know Your Client / Anti Money Laundering (KYC / AML) screening programme to check for violation of international sanctions, exposure to risk from association with Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), adverse media comment and potential for involvement in Terrorist Financing (TF).

All individual users are required to pass a  “liveness” check. The module employs digital mapping of the face against the submitted ID document.

All corporate users are required to provide certain shareholder and company officer details, including identification of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), as well as other company details.The module will source foundation documents for legal entities from its database for reference against the submitted questionnaire.


I’m buying VOY tokens on an exchange, do I have to go through further KYC processes?

No, you don’t. If you have passed the exchange’s KYC then you don’t need to pass enVoy’s KYC checks unless you want to open an enVoy Corda wallet or otherwise transact directly with enVoy.


How much do VOY tokens cost?

View details on our Token (VOY) sales section.


Where can I buy my VOY Tokens?

Initially, you can buy through our website and from the exchanges such as Liquid.


How do I know my VOY Tokens are secure?

Where you hold your VOY tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, you can make use of all the established tools available to secure ERC20 tokens.

How do VOY tokens work?

enVoy has secured various registered licences and is able to facilitate the transfer and exchange of both fiat and token value through Electronic Money Issuer (EMI),  Remittance Agent (RA), and Virtual Currency Exchange  (VCE) licences.

Payments begin by either utilising a user’s existing VOY  balance within the platform or by on-ramping fiat value via an integrated gateway. Once a destination account has been designated, the payment is automatically routed through various exchange channels and decentralised exchanges (DEXs) and optimised for speed and low cost until it arrives at the destination wallet. The recipient now has full control of the value and can then withdraw this balance through the integrated off-ramp gateway as fiat or translated into an alternative token. 

When used within the SCF platform in the context of trade and supply chain finance, the VOY token passes through an intermediary stage where the value is stabilised and sits in a smart escrow awaiting execution. Once conditions are met for release (ie. transfer of goods), the escrow is able to automatically unlock the token and release value to the recipient. In any case of dispute, the system is able to lock the disputed value and place it under quarantine until resolution.


In what jurisdictions are VOY tokens not available??

enVoy is committed to operating in a secure and transparent way, while adhering to all government compliance and regulations.  This includes the regulations and economic sanctions that prohibit transactions from persons and entities connected to certain high-risk jurisdictions.

Unfortunately, following current legislation we are not able to sell to US Persons or any other ineligible persons and entities.


What drives the value of my VOY tokens?

The value of VOY tokens is driven by supply and demand. The value of VOY is subject to market forces and may increase or decrease at any time. enVoy maintains market-making operations on all primary platforms (centralised exchanges and DEXs) and plans to continue to do so.


Can I redeem my VOY tokens?

VOY tokens are neither securities nor stablecoins and therefore cannot be redeemed. They may be sold on any trading platform on which they are listed, or, as an OTC transaction (by direct negotiation with a buyer).

I want to buy a large block of tokens, where should I go?

If you wish to purchase a large block of tokens, you can approach enVoy directly. All sales will be subject to KYC, AML and other checks. Tokens purchased directly will only be made available once enVoy is in receipt of cleared funds.


How does Corda fit into this?

enVoy’s supply chain finance operations take place on R3’s private DLT, Corda, in order to benefit from advanced functionality, speed and very low transaction costs. In the future, it is planned to allow the transfer of VOY between Ethereum, Corda and other platforms, across the Teleport Bridge. VOY on any platform will be fungible with VOY on any other platform.


How does VOY staking work?

You can commit your VOY to a staking contract for multiples of the minimum staking period (currently 30 days). For each full staking period that your VOY are staked, you will be eligible for a bonus allocation at a fixed annualised percentage rate. The bonus allocation is made in VOY.  For example, if you stake 10,000 VOY for 3 months at a bonus rate of 1%, you will receive a bonus of allocation of 25 VOY tokens. Staked tokens are locked for the duration of the staking period. There is no connection between the bonus allocation and the performance of enVoy, underlying assets, etc.

Are there other ways to stake your VOY?

If your VOY tokens are at a participating exchange, then you can stake through their programme. Of course, if your exchange is not participating, then please encourage them to contact enVoy!